Poem of the Day – The Season of Tyranny

Poem of the Day - The Season of Tyranny
2016-12-21 06:12


The Season of Tyranny

Winter brings hard thoughts homogenizing

famished skins are frozen as chalk

each cold breath turns the air white

the landscape wizens

green shoots fall

in uncouth, rough fisted weather

pilgrims in the dark

their footsteps tracking dried mud

migrants’ obliterated heel prints

are nothing but snow-filled moon rinds

suffused with injustice and hardihood

fed on thistle and bitter hours

they feel the flinty looks of strangers

ravening thinness of the season

that carves off their names

these suffering battalions

naked dryads in February

but when kin to sun and acceptance again

laureled in dulcet ceremony

their hard visages are transcribed

and look successful as any May

these voyagers enjoying an easy chair,

companions, and the shade of spring.


(Copyright Mary Winslow 2016, all rights reserved)